Around the world, government officials fail often at implementing policy and public sector projects. Here's why. As Canada’s federal government starts looking for a replacement for its failed payroll system and the Ontario provincial government launches yet another major shake-up of its health-care system, it’s useful to remind decision-makers of a long history of failures in major public sector implementations. Research from around the world shows a consistent pattern of failures in public sector policy and project implementation. Yet we continue to embark upon implementa…
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A University of Cape Town medical student doing yoga for a project that draws on ideas from medical and health humanities. Imagine bringing the best of all academic disciplines, artistic creations, activist experience and health care knowledge to bear on understanding and addressing current health care concerns. Rather than silos of people working in their specific areas of interest, imagine collaborations committed to listening and learning from all participants. This is the vision of Medical and Health Humanities in Africa. It’s a field that grew out of the medica…
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Shoutout to the creators, the designers and artists of icons, graphics, pictures, gradients and every other wonder. This project would not be possible without the talent of so many different creators. Go and check them out. Get your dose of inspiration and see what you can create.   Images and photos: Pixabay Pexels Shutterstock Icons Iconarchive Aha-soft Emojione Flaticon Rocke
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Pixabay is my source for great images. Here is a list of artists. Felix Mittermeier Pixabay Link Unsplash Link Felix has made a fantastic app called Storyban. Check it out. The platform when it comes to stories of all kinds. Twitter Erwin Bosman Pixabay Erwin Bosman    
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Vor kurzem Sites — Ankerland e.V. widmet sich der Hilfe schwer traumatisierter Kinder, Jugendlicher, junger Erwachsener und junger unbegleiteter Flüchtlinge. Der Verein sieht seinen gesellschaftlichen Beitrag darin, die professionelle und allgemeine Öffentlichkeit für das Thema psychische Traumatisierung junger Mensch…
02.05.2017 0 Kommentare Von MartinB — Wheelmap ist eine Online-Karte zum Suchen und Finden rollstuhlgerechter Orte. Wie bei Wikipedia können alle mitmachen und öffentlich zugängliche Orte entsprechend ihrer Rollstuhlgerechtigkeit markieren – weltweit. Dafür nutzt die Wheelmap ein einfaches Ampelsystem. In diesem Newsbereich erfährst du,…
02.05.2017 0 Kommentare Von MartinB — Unicorn Children's Foundation is an international non-profit organization dedicated to children and young adults with developmental, communication, and learning disorders through education, awareness, and research so that they have every opportunity to lead productive and fulfilling lives.
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