Women are not reporting workplace harassment even when the behaviour is clearly out of bounds. There are good reasons why those experiencing sexual harassment – particularly in the workplace – don’t report it at the time it occurs. To do so is likely to result in ostracism, exclusion, career suicide or a direct threat to a complainant’s ongoing employment. The 2018 Australian Human Rights Commission (AHRC) survey on sexual harassment in Australia shows that high levels of sexual harassment occurs in our workplaces. For example, in the information, media and telecommunicatio…
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Australia's sprawling cities present many challenges to sustainability, but planning innovations can help achieve at least half of the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Thirty years after the landmark Brundtland report, the debate on urban sustainability continues. Urban planners are still grappling with the challenges of making our cities sustainable. Urban sustainability is an evolving concept. Our edited volume provides planning solutions for eight of the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals. Has the concept of urban sustainability made a difference in pla…
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Test Instructable

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Pixabay is my source for great images. Here is a list of artists. Felix Mittermeier Pixabay Link Unsplash Link Felix has made a fantastic app called Storyban. Check it out. The platform when it comes to stories of all kinds. Twitter Erwin Bosman Pixabay Erwin Bosman    
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We gather solutions to societal challenges. Like ants, we work together to overcome obstacles. There are various tasks for the different experts and supporters. Everyone can cooperate and help. What would you like to do?

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