Terms and Conditions form the basis for business of the inspireants, Martin Bechberger offering the service to our users. If other language versions differ by inaccuracies in the translation of the German version, the version of the Terms and Conditions in the German language takes precedence.

1. Registration and acceptance of terms

1.1 When registering a user account truthful information must be provided.
1.2 The acceptance is by confirming the acknowledgment of the terms and conditions during the registration process and through continued use of our service.
1.3 Terms and conditions of the user are only effective if we have accepted them in writing.

2. Scope

2.1 Our general terms and conditions (hereinafter "GTC") explain how you can use our service.
2.2 When registering, you agree to these terms and conditions and privacy statement explicitly.
2.3 Third party services have their own terms and conditions and privacy statements. These shall apply accordingly.

3. Service of inspireants

3.1 We offer a service for private use.
3.2 If you want to use our service for commercial purposes, for example advertising or initiating business transactions, this purpose expressly requires our written consent. Please contact us in this regard under office@inspireants.com.

4. Access to and use of inspireants

4.1 After completion of registration you will have full access to inspireants and be able to use our service.
4.2 The service is aimed at people aged 16 and over. Accounts of individuals under the age of 16 will be deleted.
4.3 You may not use our service to resell or charge for the use of others.
4.4 Changes, modifications, tampering, copying or circumvent security measures and reengineering are expressly prohibited. Offences are prosecuted.
4.5 Unless you have agreed to the method of automatically matching contact, contact details of yourself and others from your address-directory are sent to our server, in order to be compared and to make you contact suggestions. This data is only sent as a hash value, it is only transmitted encrypted and compared automatically. This method provides a very convenient way to give you contact suggestions with whom you can use inspireants together.
4.6 You expressly agree not to use technologies that can do us harm or other users. We take measures to us and other users to protect against tampering. Other users can not be bothered. Users can be blocked and reported.
4.7 In particular, the use of the following content is prohibited:
• Content that violates § 4 para 2 Youth Media Protection State Treaty (JMStV) or content that affect the development of children according to § 5 JMStV
• No illegal content of any kind
• Pornographic content
• Threatening, racist, violent, defamatory, harassing or offensive content
• Content that violates the moral and ethical sensibilities of fellow human beings, or are otherwise unsuitable for children or teenagers.
• Representation of violence and abuse of drugs
• Presentation of radical political views, religious or ideological nature (even when using symbols or characters)
• Content that pursues commercial objectives, such as advertising or spam
4.8 We have taken extensive measures to ensure a high availability of our services. In some cases it is possible, caused by maintenance, exceptional costs of the system and technical faults that the system may fail. On our website we will inform you of the status. Our service is not to be used for emergency calls.
4.9 At irregular intervals we will adapt our service and functionality. You can download these updates to your device.

5. Security

5.1 We have taken extensive measures to protect you and our service. But you can also contribute to your safety, when you follow the usual rules of conduct which are recommended for the responsible use on the Internet.

Notable examples are:
- Don’t share your login credentials
- Use only secured connections
- Use complex passwords

5.2 When you encounter any security violation please tell us at: office@inspireants.com

6. Copyright

6.1 The content provided by us (on the website and in the app) are protected by copyright, neighbouring rights and other international agreements. These contents belong either to us, are licensed by us or are the property of the said owners.
6.2 Content that is produced by you stays yours. In other content that, you make available to third parties, you must own the rights to the content or the permission of the copyright holder. You are responsible for the spread of your content. Do we get to know issues of copyright infringement, we will delete that content.
6.3 You acknowledge that violations of copyright and other related rights is an infringement. This can be punished and pull compensation claims to. You are responsible for the content that you used.
6.4 When purchasing third-party content (eg iTunes, Google Play, Amazon) whose terms and conditions apply accordingly.

7. Quit the business relationship

7.1 You can delete your account at any time. In the context of legislation, we will delete all data.
7.2 We shall be entitled to dissolve the business relationship with a period of 14 days.
7.3 If you breach these terms and conditions or pursue illegal activities, we will delete your user account immediately.

8. Disclaimer of warranties, limitation of liability and damages

8.1 To the extent of applicable law, that the use of our Services is at your own risk and without warranty.
8.2 Despite all reasonable technical and organizational efforts, we can make no assurances concerning the quality of data transmission, uses, fitness for a particular purpose and freedom from defects.
8.3 We shall be liable only for damages caused by intentional or grossly negligent breach of contract, and for damages, which are based on slightly negligent breach of essential contractual obligations. In the latter case, our liability is limited to the usual contract foreseeable damage. This does not affect our liability for damage to health, body and life, as well as under the Product Liability Act.
8.4 These limitations also apply to the personal liability of the shareholders, employees, representatives and vicarious agents or affiliated companies.
8.5 Should a third party assert claims against us, in consequence of any breach by you against our terms and conditions or applicable law, an impairment or violation of third party rights, because you have posted or any of its complaints against another User Submission, you are obliged us harmless to hold and release us from all damages, liabilities, losses, costs and expenses in relation to these claims indemnify (including reasonable legal fees and costs).

9. Liability for content

The information accessible on the website is for general information. We endeavour to ensure the accuracy and topicality of the information and data contained on the website according to § 7 Abs.1 TMG. However, no guarantee is given in accordance with §§ 8 to 10 TMG for the accuracy, completeness, topicality or quality of the information and data provided. The liability for the content of the available information is excluded if it is not intentional or grossly negligent false information. Obligations to remove or block the use of information under the general laws remain unaffected. However, a relevant liability is only possible from the date of knowledge of a specific infringement. Upon notification of such violations, we will remove the content immediately.

10. Liability for Links

We are not responsible for the content of websites which are reached through a hyperlink. The operators of the linked pages are exclusively responsible for the content. We don’t appropriate the contents of this website and can therefore provide no guarantee for the correctness, completeness and availability. When the link was established, we checked the external content whether a possible civil or criminal liability could have been triggered. But we are not obliged to constantly check the content to which we refer in terms of changes that could give rise to liability. Only when we discover or are informed by others that a concrete content to which we have provided a link could lead to civil or criminal liability, we will remove the link, where this is technically possible and reasonable.

(Source: http://www.disclaimer.de/)

11. Miscellaneous

11.1 The law of the Federal Republic of Germany applies for these terms and conditions as well as the other legal relationships between the inspireants, Martin Bechberger and our customers, excluding the UN sales convention.
11.2 Fulfilment is in Oberhausen.
11.3 We are neither obliged nor willing to participate in a dispute settlement procedure before a consumer complaint office.

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