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Tomorrow, When the War Began (2010). AAP/Paramount PicturesCOVID-19 is changing the way we live. Panic buying, goods shortages, lockdown – these are new experiences for most of us. But it’s standard fare for the protagonists of young adult (YA) post-disaster novels.
2 days ago · From The_Conversation_Australia
During lockdown, we have seen an increase in demand for domestic violence services in Australia and around the world. The United Nations recognised this problem in April, declaring a “shadow pandemic” of violence against women and girls.
2 days ago · From The_Conversation_Australia
In less than three months, New Zealanders will vote in the world’s first national referendum on a comprehensive proposal to legalise the recreational use of cannabis. Unlike cannabis ballots in several US states in which the public only voted on the general proposition of whether cannabis should be legalised or not, New Zealanders have access to the detailed Cannabis Legalisation and Control Bill. It outlines how the government proposes to establish a “controlled and tightly regulated” legal cannabis market. The approach is not like the Brexit referendum, which had no detailed plan of action for a yes vote. Neither is it like New Zealand’s much maligned 2016 flag referendum, in which people knew exactly what they were voting for…
4 days ago · From The_Conversation_Australia
After managing the first stage of the COVID-19 crisis so effectively, the government now faces a bigger challenge: getting us back to work. The official employment figures indicate the scale of what’s needed. In the past two months number of Australians with a job has fallen by 835,000. Millions more are in jobs kept on life support by JobKeeper. Employed Australians, total Includes Australians regarded as still employed because they are on JobKeeper. ABS 6202.0 The Reserve Bank’s latest public forecast has the unemployment rate peaking at 10% and then falling to 6.5% (baseline scenario) or 5% (optimistic scenario) by mid-2022. In Grattan Institute…
5 days ago · From The_Conversation_Australia
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