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Imagine a place where people create solutions and support.

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It takes somebody like you

Inspireants is a network for people who want to create solutions, that range from global challenges to personal problems. Mutual support is the key to success and inspireants will help you to create that support.

When you think of challenges, what comes to your mind? Where do you want to make an impact?



Bullying is the threat, coercion or use of force, to abuse, aggressively dominate or intimidate. The behavior is commonly repeated. An essential prerequisite is the perception of an imbalance of power.

Have you experienced bullying? Are you working for an organisation? What ideas do you have?



The forms of violence are as numerous as the supposed triggers or reasons for violent behavior. The suffering of the victims is unbearable. Science suggests a strong connection between levels of violence and modifiable factors in a country.

How can societies influence those factors in order to prevent violence effectively?



Racism is an ideology according to which people are categorized and judged as a "race" based on external characteristics - which suggest a certain lineage. Racial discrimination typically tries to point to (projected) phenotypic and personal differences derived from it.

What are the starting points to prevent racism?



Global challenges like the covid 19 pandemic expose weaknesses in societies and economic systems. Lockdowns have restricting effects. On the other hand people have shown amazing results while working together and creating mutual support. 

How could people in your city help each other?

We offer a variety of tools

You can discuss ideas, find collaborations, create instructions, share ideas, introduce your projects, ask for help or list your range of services. You will find many more possibilities to create solutions and to engage support in creative ways.

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Great things can be done when people collaborate. You can start your own collabroation or find a project which you want to support. 

Which projects are in your town? What can others learn from them? Where do they need support?

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Difficult projects and exciting tasks require instructions so that others can understand the structure.

Inspire yourself or show your ideas. A wide variety of instructions can be found here.

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When you like to inform yourself about the latest research and new scientific concepts, then we have got you covered.

What are your favourite topics? Are you an expert yourself? Maybe you could write an article, too.

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Many more possibilities

Have a debate, write a blog, support a charity, ask questions, give answers, discuss different views, develop ideas, gain friends ...

Do whatever it takes to create a solution or support.


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