Here is the thing. You want to feel good? Then do something for others. Read this list and take action. Share your experience and tell us your opinion. There are many things how you can contribute.  

1. Donate blood

Blood donations are needed for a variety of reasons. Blood transfusions are given to people who have surgeries, injuries from accidents or while having cancer treatments. A permanent supply with blood is crucial to health systems.

For example in Germany you can donate blood every 8 weeks and blood plasma each 5 days.

Find your donation location and donate some juice. Actually your donation will save lives. Have you already done a blood donation? When was your first time and what was the reason to finally take action? Or do you have reasons to not do it?

Donate blood

You don´t know what to expect when donating blood? Ok, then have look. It will be something like this: Here we have Steven Crompton sharing some blood.


2. Register as an organ donor

For many people this is a difficult topic. I get this. So let´s do it the ant way. Quick, easy and efficient. When you are dead you do not need your organs. They will rot in the earth or be burned to ashes. Save lives with your organs after your death. Register as an organ donor while you can and take the card with you, so that in case everyone is informed. In some countries everyone is an organ donor by law except when they actively declared that they really do not want this. France did change its laws recently. Well done France! How is this organized in your country and what is your personal opinion. Have you already decided yet, and registered your decision? In what occasion did you make your decision?

Register as organ donor.

3. Take a dog for a walk

Taking a walk is good for your health. Go to the animal shelter and take a dog for a walk. Your body and mind will benefit from this activity. And the animal also will have some fresh air and distraction. Maybe you become friends and you can take it permanently home. If you need some tips on how to do it correctly, have a look here. And of course there a many other animals that could need your attention.

 Have you ever been to an animal shelter? Did you plan to buy a pet? What is your experience?

Take a dog for a walk

4. Declutter your home

Declutter your home and bring the resources to the recycling bin or take items to institutions who give them to the needy. Take glass, batteries, clothes, shoes, toys, books and everything you don´t need anymore with you and bring the stuff to the according places. 

Declutter your home

5. Stand up against bullying

If you don´t know what bullying is, then read here. Maybe you were a bully, maybe you have been bullied or maybe you have seen someone being bullied. Either way: Stop bullying. Don´t bully, don´t let yourself be bullied and don´t let someone else be bullied. Somehow this behavior is part in our human aggressiveness arsenal. The feeling of power over somebody seems to be to tempting. The bully, the victim and the bystanders, everyone can do something about it. Can you tell us something about it?

Stand up against bullying

6. Advertise an initiative in your surrounding

There are many initiatives in the world that address certain problems in the worls. Many dedicate their time, money and other resources so that these initiatives can reach their goals. They need your support, your ideas and your voice. Together we can take action and make a difference. If you know worthy projects then use your possibilities to spread the word. So that others can act accordingly. And by the way, the hashtag for my initiative is #inspireants. Thank you ...

Advertise an initiative in your surrounding

7. Pay something forward

Pretty simple, highly effective. For example you pay for a slice of pizza and the chef gives it to someone in need. You made yourself the present of generosity. Take it, you deserve it. And of course this can be everything from a haircut to tickets or food. Have you tried it? What are your experiences?

Pay something forward

8. Ask somebody if help is needed

Don´t be shy. If you see somebody and you "feel" that this person needs your help, then go for it and ask this person if help is needed. And on the other hand, don´t be afraid to ask for help. Speak up, say it and help each other.

Ask somebody if help is needed

9. Teach somebody

Everybody can be a teacher. We all have learned something, we have experience, we have something to tell and teach. Share your knowledge with others, ask the right questions and inspire to learn. This pool is for everybody.

Teach somebody

10. Work at a soup kitchen

Check with your local community where and if you can work in a soup kitchen. Or just visit the facility sometimes and get to know the people behind and in front of the counter. Talk, work and eat together.

Work at a soup kitchen


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