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Submitted 18.02.2019 by The_Conversation_USA
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Submitted 18.02.2019 by HBech
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Submitted 09.02.2019 by MartinB
  1. Postings must be in accordance with facts. Link to a trusted source that supports your submission. An image without further explanation is no valid reference. Videos from a reputable source are acceptable (e.g. National Geographic, Discovery, BBC etc).
  2. Share discoveries that are interesting to every one. No personal opinions and gossip. Keep it real. The community will reward you with upvotes.
  3. No postings about the following stuff (same stuff you should avoid at the dinner table):
    1. Politicians and political agendas in general
    2. Police misconduct
    3. Provocative postings relating to sex, drugs and rock ...Ok, rock n´roll is fine. But avoid religion/race/gender/age. Things that could easily bring up bad vibes. We have better locations here for this kind of discussions.
  4. No deceptive claims. To put it short, bullshit will be removed.
  5. All NSFW links must be tagged as such. No explicit stuff at all. There are other websites more suitable for this kind of postings.
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