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In June 2020, Kevin Mamakwa died at the Thunder Bay District Jail in northwestern Ontario. A member of the Kingfisher Lake First Nation, Mamakwa was 27 years old and the father of Kashtin, Caelum, Cadrian and Amira Mamakwa. He is the ninth man to have died at the Thunder Bay jail since 2002, seven of whom were Indigenous. Kevin Mamakwa’s death is both a singular tragedy and a symptom of larger social and legal illnesses. The Thunder Bay District Jail is situated in a city rife with systemic racism and broken trust between police and Indigenous people. Both prisoners and guards describe the jail as overcrowded and dirty. The jail is a site of violence and ...
14.07.2020 · From The_Conversation_Canada
We know it can seem easier to bury your head in the sand, when it comes to the hideous issue of child sexual abuse. But child sexual abuse is disturbingly common. Last week, the Australian Federal Police announced it had busted an alleged child sex offender network, warning child exploitation in Australia is becoming more prolific … this type of offending is becoming more violent and brazen.  The good news is when parents are empowered with accurate information, we can better protect our children. Read more: Why children need to be taught more about their human rights We are researchers in the prevention of child abuse, working across psychology, education and law. In a…
10.06.2020 · From The_Conversation_Australia
As the US Congress returns from its August recess, Republican leaders have promised to work with Democrats to place gun control front and centre. Possible items on the agenda include enacting stronger background checks and passing so-called “red flag” laws that allow the government to confiscate guns if the owner is deemed a threat.
08.06.2020 · From Martin
The murder of two journalists in Virginia, live on TV, by a disgruntled co-worker who later shot himself, has once again sparked debates about gun legislation in the US, with the White House calling for action by Congress.
08.06.2020 · From Martin