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In a city graced with remarkable architecture, the cathedral of Notre Dame may be Paris’ most striking edifice. So when it was engulfed by a fire that toppled its spire, it seemed as if more than a building had been scorched; the nation had lost a piece of its soul. How can a country respond to witnessing the devastation of its most magnificent structure? As I watched the images, I couldn’t help but think of a similar tragedy that took place in 19th-century Russia – a story I tell …
16.04.2019 · From The_Conversation_USA
If you live in a house for which you are not the first occupant, you often come across traces of the previous residents in the exterior and interior of the house. More than a third of the UK’s housing stock dates back before World War II and, although this is increasingly rare for obvious reasons, every so often you can come across a “time-capsule hous…
08.04.2019 · From The_Conversation_UK
Qu’est-ce que l’architecture ? Il existe autant de définitions du mot architecture qu’il y a d’architectes, urbanistes, paysagistes, théoriciens de l’architecture et d’habitants sur terre. Pour certains, dont moi, presque tout ce qui est habité, ce qui abrite, tout espace ou construction est architecture. D’une ruine archéologique à un bidonville ; d’une caverne habitée à Matera aux gratte-ciel d’une métropole ; d’un pont à une hutte ; en passant par les villes, villages et les paysages agricoles.
04.12.2018 · From The_Conversation_France