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The University of Cambridge has announced that all lectures will be offered online for the academic year beginning in October 2020. Other UK universities are expected to adopt similar policies, adopting a format which blends online learning with more traditional teaching. The announcement has disappointed and worried some students, who are concerned about the quality of their educational experiences and lack of opportunity to socialise on campus. Over the past few months, universities have had to scramble to move courses online. In some cases this has reportedly resulted in unsatisfactory student experiences and has exacerbated negative perceptions of online learning.
10.07.2020 · From The_Conversation_UK
A collection of tools, tips and other stuff for the digital age in education.
06.03.2020 · From Martin
More than a decade ago, Internet analyst and new media scholar Clay Shirky said: “The only real way to end spam is to shut down e-mail communication.” Will shutting down the Internet be the only way to end deepfake propaganda in 2020? …
30.01.2020 · From The_Conversation_Canada
El paradigma educativo se ha visto golpeado por los vaivenes tecnológicos. Es evidente que el desarrollo tecnológico avanza más rápido que las leyes y que la educación. Por eso, definir esta última a principios del siglo XXI significa contrastar estilos docentes y momentos de la historia de la humanidad. Hemos pasado de una sociedad tradicional a la llamada sociedad de la información en un periodo de tiempo muy corto. Cualquier persona puede teclear unos segundos y obtener conocimiento en su móvil sin necesidad de abrir un libro. …
30.01.2020 · From The_Conversation_Spain