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Australia is one of the most successful multicultural societies in the world. Nonetheless, in recent times many Australians have come to regard population growth, and particularly immigration, as a problem – at best – to be solved. In contrast, we believe population growth and migration present a creative opportunity to shape new Australian cities unlike any we have built to date. In a globalised economy where technology has prevailed over geography, Australians are natural global citizens. However…
5 hours ago · From The_Conversation_Australia
Canada’s future prosperity will depend on effective environmental conservation and sustainable — and profitable — agriculture. Unfortunately, recent comments from former Saskatchewan premier Brad Wall pit the two concerns against each other unnecessarily. Agriculture and the environment are not mutually exclusive, and polarization of the issues only undermines progress toward successful and sustainable solutions. A major fault line among agricultural and environmental concerns has …
8 hours ago · From The_Conversation_Canada
The Canada Food Guide has always been subject to political and economic agendas. The new 2019 guide could present dominant visuals of affordable foods like frozen vegetables — to connect to more Canadians and tackle food insecurity. Canada’s food guide is being revised. After a three-year consultation process, the guide will be published within weeks. Sadly, economic and political agendas will likely continue to make its dietary recommendations unachievable for many Canadians. As a biocultural anthropologist, I explore how nutritional health goes beyond physical health.
8 hours ago · From The_Conversation_Canada
Ethiopia has harnessed the value of irrigation technologies. After rapid economic growth averaging 10% every year between 2004 and 2014, Ethiopia has emerged as an engine of development in Africa. And there are no signs that ambitions for further growth are fading. This is clear from the government’s blueprint to achieve middle-income status – or gross national income of at least US$1006 per capita – by 2025. This would see a rapid increase in per capita income in Ethiopia, which is currently US$783, according to the World Bank. Ethiopia’s growth has been ...
19 hours ago · From The_Conversation_Africa
Andy Murray’s announcement that he is contemplating retirement from professional tennis is sad news – as it always is when one of tennis’ greats prepares to leave the game. The reason for his retirement – a persistent pain in his hip that has lasted for the last 20 months – was clearly evident in his first-round loss in the Australian Open. By the end of five sets he was hobbling badly, prompting commentators to speculate whether – if he had won the match – he would have been fit to contest the next round. This is not a minor pain, but ...
19 hours ago · From The_Conversation_UK
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SAT reading scores in 2016 were the lowest they've ever been. Most of us spend much more time with digital media than we did a decade ago. But today’s teens have come of age with smartphones in their pockets. Compared to teens a couple of decades ago, the way they interact with traditional media like books and movies is fundamentally different.
06.10.2018 · From The_Conversation_USA
While textbooks have been said to be on their way, they are still a mainstay in higher education. The textbook has been declared dead many times over. Progressive educator John Dewey decried the “text-book fetish” back in the 1890s. Former U.S. Education Secretary Arne Duncan wished out loud for textbooks to become obsolete. Articles on the demise of textbooks regularly appear with each new school year.
06.10.2018 · From The_Conversation_USA
On August 15 1918, a German steamship called the Lothringen reached Melbourne from Antwerp after 47 days at sea. Without access to telegraphy during their journey, the sailors had no idea that war had broken out between the German and British Empires. When the Lothringen docked here, a company of naval officers informed the Germans on board of the news.
09.10.2018 · From The_Conversation_Australia
Those mesmerized by NASA's accomplishments and ambitions wanted so much more out of the reticent Armstrong. According to a Gallup Poll from 1999, only 50 percent of those surveyed could even name Neil Armstrong as the first man to land on the moon. How might the moon walker fare 19 years later? The film “First Man,” starring Ryan Gosling as Neil Armstrong, may boost public recognition of Armstrong’s name and career.
11.10.2018 · From The_Conversation_USA
The UK has the fourth highest prevalence of drinking in pregnancy in the world. This puts a significant number of people at risk of a group of conditions known as foetal alcohol spectrum disorder (FASD). Until now, though, the prevalence of FASD in the UK has not been known. For our study, we followed the development of 13,495 children born in the west of England in the early 1990s. Using a wide range of information on their development and their mothers’ reported drinking in pregnancy, we developed a screening tool and found that …
30.11.2018 · From The_Conversation_UK
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News of China’s social credit system has been making waves across media outlets for months. Some publications are going soft on the massive surveillance state, saying it is not as bad as it seems (it is), while others are referring to it as something straight out of Nineteen Eighty-Four (again, it is).
17.12.2018 · From Fee
Getting a good dose of nature can boost your mental health. When someone is diagnosed with a mental health disorder such as depression or anxiety, first line treatments usually include psychological therapies and medication. What’s not always discussed are the changeable lifestyle factors that influence our mental health.
09.10.2018 · From The_Conversation_Australia
A traumatic memory can be near impossible to shake. Most of what you experience leaves no trace in your memory. Learning new information often requires a lot of effort and repetition – picture studying for a tough exam or mastering the tasks of a new job. It’s easy to forget what you’ve learned, and recalling details of the past can sometimes be challenging.
06.10.2018 · From The_Conversation_USA
Impostor feelings include fear of failure, fear of success, a sometimes-obsessive need for perfection, and an inability to accept praise. Research suggests that around 70% of people will experience an illogical sense of being a phoney at work at some point in their careers. It’s called the impostor phenomenon (also known, erroneously, as a syndrome). These impostor feelings typically manifest as a fear of failure, fear of success, a sometimes obsessive need for perfection…
16.10.2018 · From The_Conversation_UK
Keli Lane is serving an 18-year sentence for the 1996 murder of her infant daughter. In the final episode of Exposed, the ABC documentary series on the conviction of Keli Lane, the fairness of her trial was called into question due to admitted flaws in the police investigation.
11.10.2018 · From The_Conversation_Australia
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The international research is clear. Stimulating and positive environments early in life provide optimal foundations for children’s ongoing development into adulthood. This in turn makes a difference to the productivity of society at large. Communities are important environments in which young children grow and develop.
23.10.2018 · From The_Conversation_Australia
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