Much has been written about Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s missteps and leadership failures in the bushfire crisis that has consumed Australia this summer. His refusal to meet with fire and emergency leaders months before the fires to ...
06.02.2020 · From The_Conversation_Australia
When we are imagining this time, next year, are we limiting our thinking to how we avoid the conditions we faced in this summer? Or are there bigger questions we can ask? ShutterstockEditor’s note: Today, on Trust Me, I’m An Expert, we hear from Clare Cooper, design lecturer at the University of Sydney, on how futuring techniques can help us think collectively about life under a drastically hotter climate. Her accompanying essay is below.
31.01.2020 · From The_Conversation_Australia
Alle BRICHBAGs sind Upcycling-Produkte und werden in Augsburg bei MANOMAMA genäht. Mit dem Kauf ermöglichst du Obdachlosen direkte Unterstützung durch unsere Obdachlosenrucksäcke, die mit nützlichen Produkten gefüllt sind. Mach mit: Gönne dir ein stylisches Unikat & ermögliche einem wohnungslosen Menschen ein hilfreiches Goodiebag. Danke!
22.01.2020 · From MartinB
Every leader wants the best for the community and the world we live in. Right? So let us collect some things every leader or other form of government should be aware of. Let us imagine a curriculum for our leaders.
24.07.2019 · From MartinB