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It’s widely reported that there’s been an increase in street violence, particularly in London - with the number of knife and gun crimes rising. While the causes are complex and multifaceted, victims and perpetrators of serious youth violence often lack a relationship with a trusted adult. One way to help reduce crime is to use ex-offenders as peer mentors. Those who have overcome adversity and stopped offending can act as positive role models for their peers – especially teenagers who are at risk of committing crime or being drawn into gang activ…
3 days ago · From The_Conversation_UK
Research shows marginalized communities are marked by a profound sense of community, supportive social networks -- and resilience. The proliferation of gun violence in Toronto this year prompted troubling responses during the city’s recent mayoral and city council campaigns. Now dethroned city councillor Giorgio Mammoliti publicly dehumanized Toronto’s Jane-Finch neighbourhood this summer, figuratively invoking genocide when he characterized residents of the Jane-Finch…
4 days ago · From The_Conversation_Canada
Governments have made a difference to inequality in the past, as Roosevelt's New Deal did in the 1930s, and could do so again if citizens acted to ensure their voices are heard. Deepening economic inequality is a scourge across most of the world’s democracies. For decades now, the gap between the wealthiest and the poorest has been widening. This has very real and very dangerous consequences for people’s mental and physical health and for the cohesion of our communities. So why isn’t anything serious being done about it?
7 days ago · From The_Conversation_Australia
People in Miami learn about Amendment 4. Voters in Florida approved a ballot measure on Tuesday that restores voting rights to citizens with felony convictions once they have completed their full sentence. The newly elected Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis opposed the measure called Amendment 4. But more than 64 percent of Florida voters voted in favor of the amendment – well above the 60 percent support that was needed for it to pass. This means that 1.5 million U.S. citizens i…
9 days ago · From The_Conversation_USA
Offences recorded by police forces in England and Wales have been rising steeply since 2014, according to figures published by the Office for National Statistics. However, the ONS doesn’t publish figures showing the related “detection rates” – the proportion of these offences for which police have also identified those responsible.
30.10.2018 · From The_Conversation_UK