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06.03.2020 · From Martin
A traumatic memory can be near impossible to shake. Most of what you experience leaves no trace in your memory. Learning new information often requires a lot of effort and repetition – picture studying for a tough exam or mastering the tasks of a new job. It’s easy to forget what you’ve learned, and recalling details of the past can sometimes be challenging.
06.10.2018 · From The_Conversation_USA
SAT reading scores in 2016 were the lowest they've ever been. Most of us spend much more time with digital media than we did a decade ago. But today’s teens have come of age with smartphones in their pockets. Compared to teens a couple of decades ago, the way they interact with traditional media like books and movies is fundamentally different.
06.10.2018 · From The_Conversation_USA
While textbooks have been said to be on their way, they are still a mainstay in higher education. The textbook has been declared dead many times over. Progressive educator John Dewey decried the “text-book fetish” back in the 1890s. Former U.S. Education Secretary Arne Duncan wished out loud for textbooks to become obsolete. Articles on the demise of textbooks regularly appear with each new school year.
06.10.2018 · From The_Conversation_USA
On August 15 1918, a German steamship called the Lothringen reached Melbourne from Antwerp after 47 days at sea. Without access to telegraphy during their journey, the sailors had no idea that war had broken out between the German and British Empires. When the Lothringen docked here, a company of naval officers informed the Germans on board of the news.
09.10.2018 · From The_Conversation_Australia
Mention hazardous drinking and most of us imagine teenagers or students getting drunk, causing havoc and filling our emergency departments on a Friday night.
10.10.2018 · From The_Conversation_USA
Those mesmerized by NASA's accomplishments and ambitions wanted so much more out of the reticent Armstrong. According to a Gallup Poll from 1999, only 50 percent of those surveyed could even name Neil Armstrong as the first man to land on the moon. How might the moon walker fare 19 years later? The film “First Man,” starring Ryan Gosling as Neil Armstrong, may boost public recognition of Armstrong’s name and career.
11.10.2018 · From The_Conversation_USA
In vielen Städten haben sich Initiativen gegründet, die es ihren Teilnehmern ermöglichen zusammen in ihrer Stadt aktiv zu werden und größere Projekte gemeinsam zu übernehmen. Zu diesem Zweck haben sich unterschiedliche Formate wie Makerspaces, FabLabs, Hubs und Repair Cafes entwickelt. Nimmst du an einem solchen Treffen teil? Welche Projekte gibt es in deiner Stadt?
27.06.2019 · From Martin
Sprich einen Obdachlosen doch einfach mal an. Frag was er gerade braucht. Oder informiere dich über die vielen Institutionen und Initiativen, die sich um Obdachlose kümmern. Tausch die zu dem Thema mit Freunden und Bekannten aus. Schilder uns deine Ideen oder gründe eine eigene Initiative in deiner Umgebung. Die Möglichkeiten sind vielzählig, lass dich inspirieren.
17.10.2019 · From Martin
The West has never really been tested since WW2. There have been tensions between the blocks and times when people feared conflicts but still things were more or less stable.
25.04.2020 · From Ori
The UK has the fourth highest prevalence of drinking in pregnancy in the world. This puts a significant number of people at risk of a group of conditions known as foetal alcohol spectrum disorder (FASD). Until now, though, the prevalence of FASD in the UK has not been known. For our study, we followed the development of 13,495 children born in the west of England in the early 1990s. Using a wide range of information on their development and their mothers’ reported drinking in pregnancy, we developed a screening tool and found that …
30.11.2018 · From The_Conversation_UK
Today is a far cry from what we hoped for and expected from 2020. After Australia’s disastrous summer of bushfires, the unprecedented upheaval of the COVID-19 pandemic has seen serious social and economic effects for us individually and collectively. Many of us have felt grief. And with grief can emerge feelings of hopelessness and resignation.
18.06.2020 · From The_Conversation_Australia
Old masters rarely come more venerable (and venerated) and instantly recognisable than Leonardo da Vinci. But to think of Leonardo as an Old Master – with all its connotations of being staid, traditional, somehow old-fashioned and boring – is to do this extraordinary man a grave injustice. There is nothing stale or predictable about a man whose personal foibles irritated and frustrated contemporaries as much as his brilliance and creativity dazzled and awed them. One thing is for sure: whatever Leonardo was, old and boring he …
01.02.2019 · From The_Conversation_UK
If you’re concerned that automation and artificial intelligence are going to disrupt the economy over the next decade, join the club. But while policymakers and academics agree there’ll be significant disruption, they differ about its impact. On one hand, techno-pessimists like Martin Ford in “Rise of the Robots” argue that new forms of automation will displace most jobs without creating new ones. In other words, most of us will lose our jobs. On the flip side of the debate are techno-optimists s…
28.02.2020 · From The_Conversation_USA
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