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Prison education programs have been shown to lead to better employment rates for those who have served time. In 2007, I gave someone a second chance. I was in Danbury Federal Correctional Institution recruiting women for a new program for people returning from prison that I was running in New York City. A woman approached me and handed me her portfolio. It was basically a detailed resume of her accomplishments, skills and goals for the future. Over a two-year period before this, I had visited at least six female facilities in New York and ...
9 hours ago · From The_Conversation_USA
Según una encuesta del Eurobarómetro de 2014, el 77% de los consumidores de la Unión Europea (UE) prefieren reparar sus productos que comprarlos nuevos, pero al final tienen que reemplazarlos o desecharlos porque están desengañados por el coste de las reparaciones y el servicio postventa. La culpa es de la llamada obsolescencia programada o final anticipado e imprevisto para el consumidor de la vida útil de un producto. Por ejemplo, si usamos una impresora que nos ha costado 35€ y a las 1000 impresiones deja de funcionar, qué hacemos:…
22 hours ago · From The_Conversation_Spain
Dans une entreprise, un faible écart de salaires produit un sentiment de solidarité et stimule la coopération. Les « gilets jaunes » ont ravivé la question de la justice salariale. Si l’on s’accorde en général pour définir qu’un salaire jugé juste est celui qui attribue une rétribution proportionnellement à une contribution, le mouvement né mi-novembre 2018 rappelle que les critères du besoin et de l’égalité ont aussi leur importance.
23 hours ago · From The_Conversation_France
Si les nouveaux profs ont une pratique courante du numérique, il ne sont pas si partants qu’on l’imagine pour guider leurs élèves dans les méandres du web. Ce lundi 18 mars 2019 débute la trentième semaine de la presse à l’école, sur le thème de « l’information sans frontière ». Accompagnés de leurs enseignants, les élèves s’apprêtent à découvrir les coulisses des rédactions, à monter leur propre journal, à manier micros et caméras. Un point d’orgue dans leur formation à la culture de l’information ?
23 hours ago · From The_Conversation_France
Interconnecter les réseaux continentaux pour approvisionner en continu en électricité d’origine renouvelable. En dépit des efforts consentis ces deux dernières décennies, 80 % de l’énergie utilisée dans le monde est toujours d’origine fossile (elle provient du pétrole, du charbon et du gaz). La « transition énergétique », ce mouvement dans lequel les sociétés se sont engagées pour décarboner leurs économies, cherche à ce que cette énergie soit essentiellement d’origine renouvelable. Pourquoi ?
23 hours ago · From The_Conversation_France
The long debate over the causes of wage stagnation took an unexpected turn last week, when Finance Minister Matthias Cormann described (downward) flexibility in the rate of wage growth as “a deliberate design feature of our economic architecture”. It was a position that was endorsed in a flurry of confusion 16 seconds after it had been rejected by Defence Industry Minister Linda Reynolds. Cormann had said ...
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Despite a ten-point roadmap and bold commitments, Australia has not stayed on track to reduce youth homeless over the past decade. A National Report Card on Youth Homelessness in Australia says government action over the past decade would earn no more than two stars under its four-star rating system. There has been under-investment in most areas. Promises made have been only partially delivered. The report identifies the lack of a coordinated national strategy as an obstacle to achieving goals that were set a decade ago. The report card will be presented at the…
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When you're admitted to a public hospital, they'll want to know if you have private health insurance. You arrive at your local public hospital for treatment. The hospital staff ask for your name, date of birth and address. They ask if you have Medicare and private health insurance. Then they ask if you would like to be admitted as a public or private patient. You’re unsure. You’re left wondering whether this decision will affect the care you receive. Almost all patients will be asked, either verbally or via a standard admission form, whether they have private ...
4 days ago · From The_Conversation_Australia
Technology aside, we humans are still suckers for a good story. Picture the scene – we’re in ancient times and a group of cave people are gathered around a fire telling stories about their day (there’s evidence of storytelling by way of cave art over 30,000 years ago). They have no Wi-Fi. There are no fancy gaming consoles or immersive media (or even popcorn for that matter) and yet they are almost certainly crafting tales and enthralling each other. Thankfully we’re all vastly more evolved now because we have creature comforts and flashy technology – like Play…
4 days ago · From The_Conversation_Australia
From town square to private connections: is that Facebook of the future? Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg delivered a 3,000+ word post last week, spelling out a new vision for the social network. It prompts just one small question: Facebook, who are you? Zuckerberg’s essay, entitled “A privacy-focused vision for social networking”, signals a radical shift. Since its launch in 2004, Facebook has encouraged openness, connection and sharing. But now, it would be “privacy-focused”, featuring encrypted services and content that “won’t stick around forever”.
7 days ago · From The_Conversation_Australia
NASA has launched all of its space shuttle missions using hydrogen as fuel. To mark the International Year of the Periodic Table of Chemical Elements we’re taking a look at elements and how they’re used in research and the real world. Hydrogen is the first element on the periodic table. In its pure form hydrogen is a light, colourless gas, but forms a liquid at very low temperatures. Have you ever watched a space shuttle launch? The fuel used to thrust these enormous structures away from Earth’s gravitational pull is hydrogen. Hydrogen also holds potential as a source…
8 days ago · From The_Conversation_Australia
Education researcher John-Tyler Binfet started a dog therapy program after noticing students frequently say, 'As much as I miss my parents, I miss my dog more.' The interaction always played out the same way. I’d leave my office and make my way across campus in search of coffee, my dog Frances by my side, and I would be besieged by students who, for the most part, would ignore me and lose themselves in Frances.
8 days ago · From The_Conversation_Canada
‘We are true to our creed when a little girl born into the bleakest poverty knows that she has the same chance to succeed as anybody else …’ Barack Obama, inaugural address, 2013. ‘We must create a level playing field for American companies and workers.’ Donald Trump, inaugural address, 2017.
10 days ago · From Aeon
Dans sa récente tribune « Pour une renaissance européenne », le président Macron propose, en particulier, de lancer une conférence pour l’Europe qui fasse appel à des universitaires mais aussi à des partenaires sociaux et à des religieux et spirituels « afin de proposer tous les changements nécessaires à notre projet politique ». Pour proposer de tels changements, il nous paraît effectivement nécessaire de saisir l’enjeu du débat que mènent actuellement les experts sur la nature même du projet politique européen. L’ère du gouvernement par l’événement ?
10 days ago · From The_Conversation_France
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