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What is missing in modern education?
Today (19 February) I read a headline to an aticle in the WAZ newspaper, saying that every second child is afraid of poverty and one of three children is not feeling safe at its own school. These views come froma study by the Bertelsmann Foundation and shed light on the lifestyle of the 8 to 14 year olds. I was shocked to have to read such a thing that in our country it is not possible for such a lot of children at this age to prepare for their future life withe a degree of satisfaction and security. The topics expressed in this report: 1. Concern for the money in the family 2. The fear of violence in school and 3. The feeling of beeing alone. So what can modern pedagogy and politics do to remedy this situation? I would be happy to receive concrete suggestions.
Posted by HBech on 19.02.2019 (19.02.2019)
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