Ethiopia has harnessed the value of irrigation technologies. After rapid economic growth averaging 10% every year between 2004 and 2014, Ethiopia has emerged as an engine of development in Africa. And there are no signs that ambitions for further growth are fading. This is clear from the government’s blueprint to achieve middle-income status – or gross national income of at least US$1006 per capita – by 2025. This would see a rapid increase in per capita income in Ethiopia, which is currently US$783, according to the World Bank. Ethiopia’s growth has been ...
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Andy Murray’s announcement that he is contemplating retirement from professional tennis is sad news – as it always is when one of tennis’ greats prepares to leave the game. The reason for his retirement – a persistent pain in his hip that has lasted for the last 20 months – was clearly evident in his first-round loss in the Australian Open. By the end of five sets he was hobbling badly, prompting commentators to speculate whether – if he had won the match – he would have been fit to contest the next round. This is not a minor pain, but ...
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Pixabay is my source for great images. Here is a list of artists. Felix Mittermeier Pixabay Link Unsplash Link Felix has made a fantastic app called Storyban. Check it out. The platform when it comes to stories of all kinds. Twitter Erwin Bosman Pixabay Erwin Bosman    
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