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Which emojis or stickers would you like to have?  
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Here is the list of the social accounts of inspireants: Twitter to be continued ....
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The dothat App Do that or dot hat .... i love this pun ... The app connects a known app principle, a photo frame and sticker app, with the idea that one should be able to promote the good deeds in a funny way. Users can create images with frames and stickers and then share them into their social networks, use them as
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1. Blood donation #blood #blooddonation #donate #life #live #inspireants #gooddeed #dothat 2. Organ donor #organ #organdonor #donate #life #live #inspireants #gooddeed #dothat 3. Paper recycling #paper #paperrecycling #recycling #inspireants #gooddeed #dothat 4. Glass recycling #glas #glasrecycling #recycling #i
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Of course everybody wants to have a fancy name for the thing he or she is building. It should capture you, make you curious and tell with one word a little of what you can expect. I thought of inspiration hub,  inspired friends, idea community and so on. Then someday i read about fire ants, inspiration struck me and i
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Content production Canva Icons Flaticon Vectors, PSD and more Freepik Free PSD files Stock images Pixabay Image editing Adobe CS2 Inkscape Image size reduction TinyPNG Translation Google translation Screenshots Snipping Tool  Landing Page Mobirise Inspiration e
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Top menu Inspiring: Here you will find all the different articles that i think could inspire you. You will find helpful links, new topics, different views and so on. These articles are sorted by categories and tags. You can rate them, share them (yes, please) and comment on them. Right now we have 3 different comment
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I am big fan of the Swiss army knife or the multi tool. I love it when things have multiple functions, gadgets and stuff. So this website has also multiple functions, gadgets and goals. I will discuss the functions later and make a separate post about them. Of course they will evolve over time and serve different tasks
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