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Here you will find all the different articles that i think could inspire you. You will find helpful links, new topics, different views and so on. These articles are sorted by categories and tags. You can rate them, share them (yes, please) and comment on them. Right now we have 3 different comment sections. Our own, a disqus and a facebook comment section. Which one do you prefer? Besides that you can subscribe to every posting. When you subscribe, you will be automatically informed when the posting is altered or expanded.



Every user can have its own blog and write about his very own subject. With the TinyMCE editor you can structure your postings using html. Otherwise you can read all the other blog and interact socially. 


A brief overview of all the registered users of this website. You can set your own privacy settings, so it is up to you who can see you or your postings. When you click on a profile image you a redirected to the profile of a user. You will see the information the user wants you to see. Every segment has its own privacy setting. 


Start your polls on the inspireants website. Ask questions, let the crowd decide and gather valuable insights.


Inform others about upcoming events. You can also write about important dates and connect them with a world map.


Introduce the community to the important websites. You can show images, a description and interact socially.


Search the entire inspireants website for keywords. Or reduce the search section wide. You can also search people, use a world map or use google search.


Mostly recent stuff and some statistics.


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Yes, that is me.


Legal stuff from my lawyer. What we do with your data and so on. 


All the other stuff my lawyer went to university for. 


Some questions i thought you could have and i am too lazy to answer them all the time. But if you really want to know something, just ask me. I am here to help.

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That is the old school version of invite a friend with email. Please tell all your facebook, snapchat, pinterest, instagram, whatsapp and so on friends that inspireants is worth looking for.

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Email contact form.


Bookmark this website in your browser.


Right now, we have english and german language. Someday we will have more translations.





to be continued ...

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