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Founding and naming of inspireants

Of course everybody wants to have a fancy name for the thing he or she is building. It should capture you, make you curious and tell with one word a little of what you can expect. I thought of inspiration hub,  inspired friends, idea community and so on. Then someday i read about fire ants, inspiration struck me and i coined the term inspireants. 

Inspireants could have the following characteristics:

  • cooperative
  • communicative
  • unstoppable
  • curious
  • self organized
  • helpful
  • resistant
  • active
  • tackling
  • convincingly
  • inspiring

Inspireants want to support the world and its inhabitants. We identify problems and challenges, we learn from one another and connect different elements to create a practicable and efficient solution. We overcome any obstacle. We do it the antway; unstoppable, efficient and successful.

Accompany the inspireants colony on its mission and have some fun along the trail.


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