Inspireants – the problem solver toolbox for communities

Therefore we identify problems from around the world and develop different approaches to solutions.

So we will be inspired from different cultures and communities and we want you to be inspired to take action and solve problems around

I chose the name inspireants for different kind of reasons. First of all ants are really industrious insects and they overcome
obstacles in their way. They work together for a greater goal and leave trails while they do it. I had seen this following movie about
fire ants and as inspire and fire made such a good rhyme I thought inspireants will be the next tribe to conquer their realm. Ants
often walk through grass and the association with grassroots movements came to my mind. So inspireants is inescapable.

The project inspireants depends on your cooperation. You can help us in a variety of ways. If you can think of something else, please
let me know. Contact me on inspireants, facebook and skype.

1. Make yourself an account on the inspireants website.
2. Be a vivid discussion partner here on inspireants. We prepared 3 different comment sections. You can use the inspireants internal,
the facebook and the disqus system.
3. Tell us your ideas how inspireants should evolve.
4. Share postings to your social networks. We use the AddToAny share elements.
5. Some topics we discuss here, maybe interesting to other websites, blogs or forums. Please feel free to share the links.
6. Use the hashtag #inspireants when ever it makes sense. Ahh, use it everytime ;)
7. Tell others about this website and have them sign up.
8. Download the flyer template and share some where you can.
9. Be open and tell me your criticism. I am but the learner. (Refers to which movie?)
10. Do you have any other idea how I can spread the word?

Here is the milestones’ listing. Some stones are heavy and I need fellow ants to help me lift.

1. Start the website and spread the word.
2. Have some social media accounts to share the progress.
3. Make apps for android, ios and windows phone. Which one would you prefer first?
4. Intensify the communication with official departments.
5. Use more languages then English and German. Maybe someone can help to translate better then google translation does for me.
6. Listen to users and develop those wishes, where possible.
7. Accumulate all the problems from around the world and prepare actionable solutions tailor-made for different conditions.
8. Expand the website so that it can be used to plan, organize, implement and control initiatives on site.
9. Do whatever is necessary so that inspireants is the problem solver toolbox for communities.

Together we will do it. Ant it

Martin Bechberger