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In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, cities around the world are rediscovering the value of walkable and bikeable streets. From Oakland, Calif., to Amman, Jordan, cities have restricted driving on certain streets in order to create space for socially distanced physical activity. Other cities, like Bogotá and Berlin, have scrambled to convert car and parking lanes into bike lanes in response to the precipitous drop in public transit ridership. Street networks are about resilience, whether to the COVID-19 pandemic, climate change or even a future with autonomous vehicles. Neighbourhoods with well-connected streets can evolve into more walkable, complete neighbourhoods or …
21.08.2020 · From The_Conversation_Canada
For most parents, to say the the COVID-19 pandemic has been stressful would be a dramatic understatement. The combination of financial pressure, loss of child care and health concerns is exceedingly challenging for families. Mental health problems are expected to rise dramatically as a secondary effect of COVID-19 and the measures that have been put in place to contain it. The potential long-term consequences on children from increased parental stress, anxiety and depression are only beginning to be understood. However, past research tells us that the children exposed to these problems are more likely to experience …
17.08.2020 · From The_Conversation_Canada
In June 2020, Kevin Mamakwa died at the Thunder Bay District Jail in northwestern Ontario. A member of the Kingfisher Lake First Nation, Mamakwa was 27 years old and the father of Kashtin, Caelum, Cadrian and Amira Mamakwa. He is the ninth man to have died at the Thunder Bay jail since 2002, seven of whom were Indigenous. Kevin Mamakwa’s death is both a singular tragedy and a symptom of larger social and legal illnesses. The Thunder Bay District Jail is situated in a city rife with systemic racism and broken trust between police and Indigenous people. Both prisoners and guards describe the jail as overcrowded and dirty. The jail is a site of violence and ...
14.07.2020 · From The_Conversation_Canada
Corporate animal agriculture is in crisis, and its days are numbered. Factory farming and industrialized animal slaughtering are being recognized as dangerous for workers’ health, as potential causes of the next pandemic and as both ethically and environmentally unsustainable. Early numbers suggest noteworthy increases in the purchase of plant-based foods during the pandemic. New vegan products are being brought to market almost weekly. And advancements in cultured “clean” meat may soon result in mass production. These technological innovations mean that meat can be created for those who wish to consume it without needing to kill animals. Diverse investors, including Bill Gates, Richard Branson, Leonardo DiCaprio …
13.07.2020 · From The_Conversation_Canada
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