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Visually expressing painful memories and feelings can help let things go. People with dementia can flourish and show creativity in ways they, their caregivers and loved ones never thought possible. Under the guidance of a trained therapist, creative arts therapies use painting, drama, dance and music to help improve quality of life for people with dementia. Around 50 million people worldwide have dementia and it’s on the rise. The condition affects the brain and can result in memory loss and inability to carry out everyday activities, recognise faces or remember words.…
09.05.2019 · From The_Conversation_Australia
Parks are places where children make their own decisions, explore their imaginations and expand their abilities. Well-designed suburban parks could be an antidote to helicopter parenting. As well as giving kids much-needed time outdoors being active, suburban parks offer kids opportunities to decide what activities they do, new research shows. It’s an ideal opportunity for parents to let go of their task-focused daily agendas, even if just for a little while. Helicopter parenting, or intensive parenting, includes anticipating and solving children’s problems…
08.05.2019 · From The_Conversation_Australia
Bullying and harassment are not the same as a student or parent being annoying. Teachers are bullied daily by parents and students. They experience the kind of harassment that would be deemed unacceptable in most workplaces. But, in the case of teachers, such treatment is often dismissed as par for the course. Radio presenter Jon Faine recently suggested we might be overstating students’ bullying behaviour towards teachers. He said: What now is called bullying is what we used to regard as, you know, kind of giving teachers a hard time and teasing and being little …
05.05.2019 · From The_Conversation_Australia
When you're constipated, you have hard or lumpy stools that are difficult to pass. Most people have experienced being blocked up from time to time, whether it’s while travelling, after taking painkillers, or when you’ve let your diet go. But some people will experience constipation more often, and for longer periods. Chronic constipation is generally defined as a problem that has persisted for six months or more. It can mean you have hard or lumpy stools that you’re straining to pass, or are passing fewer than three stools per week – or both. Constipation is sometimes r…
22.04.2019 · From The_Conversation_Australia