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Our system for diagnosing mental disorders doesn’t work. The transdiagnostic model offers a humane, clinically sound alternative By Melissa Black Read at Aeon
07.07.2020 · From Aeon
What exactly are mental disorders? The answer to this question is important because it informs how researchers should go about trying to explain mental disorders, how the public responds to people who experience them, and how we should go about developing treatments for them.
05.05.2020 · From Aeon
Check the temperature of your beliefs: did you just get lucky, or are other perfectly reasonable explanations at work? By Miriam Schoenfield Read at Aeon
23.04.2020 · From Aeon
Picture yourself at a college graduation day, with a fresh cohort of students about to set sail for new horizons. What are they thinking while they throw their caps in the air? What is it with this thin sheet of paper that makes it so precious? It’s not only the proof of acquired knowledge but pl...By Pierre Vandergheynst & Isabelle Vonèche CardiaRead at Aeon
07.03.2020 · From Aeon
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